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baking and personality type

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baking and personality type

Last night, I fell asleep beneath a fresh copy of Hamelman's Bread. My wife must have come in at some point, took the book on my face, and looked through it, because I awoke to her saying, "This is so you." 


"All these measurements and weights and technique... this is who you are. No wonder you love to bake bread!"

So, this got me thinking... how tightly is my desire to bake wrapped up with my personality traits? I recently took one of those online type indicator assessments and found that I closely identify with the INTP type (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving). This is apparently one of the more rare types, accounting for between 1%-3% of the population. One of the dominant characteristics of this type is that they seek to understand things, are fascinated with concepts, but aren't so keen on actually perfecting techniques. I can identify with this in many areas of my life, including bread. While I love to read books and try out new techniques, once I understand how they work, I don't care to pursue them to perfection.

Anyway, to the point: what personality traits do home bakers and professional bakers share in common? How are they different? Are most bakers in the introverted camp, or extraverted? If you haven't taken a Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment, there are plenty available for free on the web, and they only take 20 minutes. These might not meet up to the standards of the APA, but they're kind of fun.

I would love to hear from others on this!



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I'm also an INTP, and I think the Briggs-Myers classification is very accurate. I love to do research on a problem, but once I've had a breakthrough, I'm on to something else. I like to understand the 'big picture', but get bored with the details. Breadmaking, however, is pretty universal. I doubt any one personality type would lend itself to this particular passion... but then again...

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I've taking those tests multiple times and without fail I am perfectly divided on all but the P/J where I am a true J. 

Eric I liked your comment:

One of the dominant characteristics of this type is that they seek to understand things, are fascinated with concepts, but aren't so keen on actually perfecting techniques. I can identify with this in many areas of my life, including bread. While I love to read books and try out new techniques, once I understand how they work, I don't care to pursue them to perfection.

That's how I feel.  I enjoy reading about  and experimenting with the new techniques and pick a few to stick with, but I have no desire to spend countless hours focusing on a specific technique, I can often settle for good enough.  (but not always- hence the split analysis I guess)   I want delicious bread that makes my family and friends happy, I want to enjoy baking it.  So far, so good.




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In the interest of great bread and furthering the cause I took the test and the result is:  INFJ

I leave it someone else to draw conclusions from all this.....the bread is rising.


I should note that I happily share this type with Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. but I cannot say whether or not that improves the quality of my bread !!!!

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with very pronounced STJ traits. I do tend to obsess about getting everything right and can make the same recipe over and over and over, perfecting it. I am also very particular about the appearance of my breads, even if the loaves never leave the house.

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Yes, I'm ESTJ, but just barely E.  I scored 4 on the extrovert side, and as I understand it, under 10 on either side and you're about equal in each temperament quality.  I'm energized by people, but I also love being by myself.  I took this test a very long time ago and would really be interested to see the results of my current answers.

As others have stated, I love to delve into the whys and wherefores of things that interest me, but don't feel the need to actually perfect things before I go on to something else.  I think bread baking stays fresh for me because there are so many formulas to explore with so many options with each.  I see each one as a new project, and I'm very much a project person.  I like a beginning and an end, so I can say, "Now, that's done," rather than open-ended situations.

Later.  I must go stretch and fold.


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I did the test - very interesting! I came out the same as Yerffej - INFJ

But I think the main personality type associated with baking is enjoyment of food and eating. If this is a personality type? Perhaps the Freudian distinction of oral rather than anal?

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with Intuitive and Judging dominating. Haven't the slightest notion, at the moment, how this relates to baking bread, but you can be sure I'll think about it;-)

David G

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Ha. What does this say about me that I felt the need to find several different free online Myers Briggs Type Indicator short tests but refused to pay for the hour-long (or more?) versions?

The results from the various tests I took:


The site with the result of ISFP suggests that it is equivalent to "Artist". Interested in the fine arts. Expression primarily through action or art form. The senses are keener than in other types. 8.8% of total population. Ha!! And what is my profession? Classical musician....

And the fact that I took more than one of the short versions of the tests falls in exactly with my inability to follow a bread recipe exactly. I ALWAYS look at several versions and do some kind of amalgamation.

Like David, I'm not quite sure what this has to do with bread baking, but it was fun to take the tests.

I should say that my main reason for baking is because I'm a pennypincher AND picky. I don't want to pay the big bucks for the really good bread being produced in the artisanal bakeries nearby, but I also can't bear the idea of eating the cotton wool imitations that are sold in the supermarket.

Hmmm, judging from my test results, it's almost certain that I am an "S". Does that perhaps also stand for "skinflint" and "snob"?

-Elizabeth, IrreverentSnobbishFoolishParsimonious


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Just Loafin

You are so far away from snobbish... not even in the same universe.

You seem more practical than snobbish. You also seem quite capable of standing your ground while keeping a certain amount of flexibility. These are qualities that I've seen from our back and forths on the bare essential baking equipment and starter threads.

Snobs are a much different breed altogether.

- Keith

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That's funny I must say. I'm solidly in all of the categories and after reading the analysis it sounds about right. Fieldmarshall would be a good description for my life in the military and aviation for the last 40 years. I don't know how this personality combination has helped me be a better baker but I'll probably handle it better when I burn down the bakery by accident.


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Steve H


The OCEAN test is another interesting one.

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Looks l like those who engage in the bread baking stuff run the gamut of personality types.  My own (INTJ) Introverted, Inuitive, Thinking, Judging, according to the test results strike me as fairly accurate.  I only know that I'm quite happy with who I am and I've come to truly enjoy all of the people I've made contact with in the bread making interest groups.  The common denominator, as I see it, is that we all want to help or be helped, we all want to share (both give and receive information) we all want to learn, and most of us have the courage to expose our mistakes so that others (including ourselves) can learn from them.  That's good enough for me.

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Sounds like you and I would be a pretty good team in a fishing boat. I've always enjoyed sharing a good story with a friend.


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Wow! What a fantastic array of responses!

Being an INTP, I decided to graph the responses thus far. Even though we're all across the board, there are some interesting trends.

71% identified with Introversion

79% identified with iNtuitive

The other factors approach a 50/50 split (which only makes sense, as those identify the secondary personality types). 

I have no idea what this all means, but it's pretty interesting that so many people identified their primary personality type as introverted or extraverted intuition. I expected a lot of "I's", because, well, this is the internet, which is inherently an introverted space (even though we interact with others in forums and discussion groups, we typically are alone when we do these things. It also gives us time to really think about and mull over what we're going to say before putting it out there).

I'm not sure what to make of the 79% that identify with "iNtuitive" perception. There probably isn't any correlation between this and bread baking, but I suspect that certain "types" are more predisposed to taking an online personality test and then posting the results! (Perhaps if I were an ISTJ, I would have pursued this to a more complete conclusion. But, as an INTP, I'm sure I could do it if I really wanted to, and besides, there are so many other things to learn about...)

Anyway, thanks so much for participating! I know this was in no way scientific, and has very little to do with bread, but I thought it was fun. I really enjoyed hearing your responses!




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and still not at all sure what bearing that has on bread-making.  Speaking from an ISFJ perspective, yes, it can be done as a solitary activity, although I still remember that video of the Cuban bakery that someone posted a few months ago.  Yes, there's very little conflict involved, if you don't count the occasional skirmish for space on the counter or in the refrigerator.  Yes, it's an opportunity to be of service to others but I like my bread, too.  Yes, one can follow time-tested processes and formulae, but there's a creative aspect involved, too.  (And I'd love to see hansjoakim's profile!)

Mainly, I like bread-making for a lot of the same reasons I like gardening.  There's the fascination of seeing something emerge that is totally different than the what one started with.  It is alive.  It takes time to develop.  There's a lot of tactile feedback, whether from the dough or from the soil.  The end products are delightful to all of the senses.  The bounty can be shared with family and friends.  And on and on.

To quote Popeye, "I yam what I yam."


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Paul mentioned gardening which makes me wonder how many here are in engaged in the holy trinity....

that would be,

Gardening, Cooking, & Baking.


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Stephanie Brim

Growing my tomatoes, peppers, and yellow squash, baking a loaf as we speak, and I just cooked something that almost flopped today for dinner.

INTP here, if the test tells me correctly.

I really want to take the longer test as well. It's interesting to me. :)

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Count me in, Jeff.

I thought at first that in the spirit of this post we should order these in terms of our passion for each, but I couldn't do it, so let it go. I wish I could garden year-round. :-P

(I flunked Myers-Briggs a long time ago.)


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INTJ...Sure sounded like a lot of my traits!  I've been told more than once I'd make a good drill sargent but never a field marshall!  Baking has brought a lot of enjoyment into my life. 


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Just Loafin

Guilty as charged: INTP

Seems as though I'm in good company... but a rarity? 1% or so? Sure are a lot of us here! Scary! = P

- Keith

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I used to get teased when I was a kid because if I didn't do my homework, I'd ask a friend for the answers, but I also wanted an explanation of how they came up with it.  that used to drive them nuts!  they thought I should be satisified with just having the answer.

I didn't realize there was an actual personality "type" for this.  My doctor says I'm type "A", but aside from that - I just never understood why everyone didn't want to understand a concept of something they were doing. In my flight training there were others in my class who memorized answers based on the topic of the question.  I NEVER understood that.  That wouldn't save your life..........:-)

With the exception of a few things - I also just like to master (or figure out) some things and often they lose their appeal once conquered.

I won't take on  a project or a duty unless I know I'll stick with it and do my best.  I rarely quit anything when I've made a committment.  despite how much I might hate it after awhile.  so - I'm very careful about what I obligate myself for.

Bread baking is something I seem to have the basics of, but there are SO many variables, this  may take awhile and since my love of eating will never diminish, this is a project I doubt I'll ever give up on.

My son has my character trait.  We joke about it all the time because the rest of the family thinks we're nuts.  I have 5 brothers and all of them feel about things the way my son and I do.

This can be a very humbling trait.  When I can't do something properly and consistently I get very discouraged, but only for a time - then I have at  it again until I'm happy with it.

My friends call me a perfectionist.  I"m really not.



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Gardening, Cooking, & Baking...

Always loved cooking and baking, but gardening hasn't been possible because of lack of sun in my yard because of all the trees.  However, Hurricane Ike took care of that problem last year, knocking down a major shade provider.  So I planted a garden this spring.  I had some failures, but some major successes, such as bountiful basil (which ha gone into a number of dishes and breads/pizzas).


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I'm sure it really doesn't matter what type we fall into as long as we're having fun. Dave

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The thing says I'm INTJ and I really don't know if that's good,bad or what.Does it mean I'll turn out to be a master bread maker?I'm getting a kinda late start in this stuff and need all the help I can get. 

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I'm sort of new here - well, actually, I've been lurking a long time. Been baking for what seems like forever, (mostly bread, pizza, and biscotti - and I homeroast my own coffee, too), and was so thrilled when I found this site. Decided that it's time to come out of lurkdom.

Which brings me to my own Myers-Briggs personality type. I'm an INFP. Couldn't do charts if my life depended on it. Have a hard time following a recipe - it's mostly through what I feel is right...even my coffee roasting is aligned with my personality. My roasting equipment is a bargain cooking pot and a succession of wooden spoons (they wear out fast w/the high heat).

I keep saying that if I were younger and healthier I'd love to work on breads professionally - or take on another, similar challenge in the kitchen. I think of this as a craft.... but honestly, I have no business sense at all.

Guess that's why there are starving artists. (and that's why I learned how to bake bread, hahaha - I'm not starving!)