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Hello from Australia

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Hello from Australia

Hello all, I'm so glad I found this site! I recently purchased a schnitzer pico flour mill. Like others on the forum, I'm having a few problems using the new flour. I'm hoping to improve my doughs and share results with you.


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Welcome and I look forward to seeing what your baking. Dave

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Hi from México and welcome to this wonderful site, you are going to love it. Good luck with your baking.


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I'm a fellow Australian - South Australian to be exact.

Welcome to the site. As I'm sure you've discovered there is a wealth of information from some amazing bakers.

Looking forward to seeing some of your creations.



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Will be intrigued to see the results of your milling!

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Yep, I'm in Red Hill, Victoria. Following the discussions on breads I am most interested in info on our flour Vs French flours such as 65 and 80. I See nothing on labels re ash content. David

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Andromeda, I have been investigating flours in Australia. Some mills do produce a flour from soft wheat but it is about 8 to 9% protein and 0.6% ash. ie about 45 in France. Most other flours are hard wheat and go up to 14% protein (Pasta Dura) and generally about 0.6% ash. I am not sure what effect stone milling has on ash content except to guess it will be higher.

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Hi, I am brand new to this site.

I have been interested in bread making since I first made yeast pizza bases in my early teens and attempts at bread during my study hours later on in high school (hot cross rocks anyone?)

Since then I continued to make the odd yeast pizza and continued with the occasional bread loaf or rolls (attempts, sometimes even edible). I started to have a bit more success at the beginning of last year (esp if I asked my carpenter partner to  do the kneading) and then I bought my thermomix! Well now I am making bread every few days, lately I have been using sour dough starter instead of the dried yeast. Love the flavour and texture of sour dough so much better.

Hopefully I am not scorned for my machine use LOL. But who could not love a machine that helps make bread and then can make the marmalade to spread on it?

The last few years I have been living in the North West which is great for bread making due to the heat! At least it has got that going for it.

Well that's me, I am going to enjoy trying out some new recipes!

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australian artisan

Hello from Victoria, Australia. I hope you find the information you need.