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Hi from New Zealand

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Hi from New Zealand

Hi everyone.  I'm Liz from Northland, New Zealand.  I've been baking bread for 8 years. I knead by hand and bake in the oven and have a six year old sourdough starter living in my fridge.  What a great site this is, I've only just discovered it and can't wait to start exploring all the recipes and discussions. Am looking forward to further improve my sourdough breads.  

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Good to see you here.  The more, the merrier!  Start up a TFL blog and show us your bread.  We love to see others' work.

Susan from San Diego

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Yes, welcome and we'd all love to see pics. Dave

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I joined TFL just this year and I have learned a great deal from every body.  This is a great site.  We definitely would love to see your work.