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Hi Everyone!!

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Hi Everyone!!

Hi Everyone! I'm Barbara from NYC and I'm pretty new to baking (only a coupla loves so far). Someone referred me to your site and I've been sucked in ever since... except I only just joined today.


Your posts, pictures and recipes are great! I look forward to learning a bunch on here.



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Hi, Barbara.

Welcome to TFL!

Do you have particular kinds of breads you want to learn to bake?


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thank you David! Not any bread in particular, no. Just nice loaf shaped loaves... My first loaf of bread was a few months ago from Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day book, and I like it. That made me brave enough to want to keep trying... I made a regular loaf (can't remember where I got the recipe) earlier this week and last night I made a pizza. I won't tell you where I got that recipe, for fear you'll all laugh at me!!!!!It was good but next time I'll make it thinner... I have downloaded the pizza lesson already and will try that soon.


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Hi Barbara!

Have you ever heard of yogurt bread pizza?  It's great (if you like deep dish)!  Let me know if you would like the recipe!  I'm Peggy from woodstock, GA.  Welcome to the novice corner! 

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I have not heard of that kind of pizza; if you post your recipe I will try it. Being from New York, I am spoiled with thin crust pizza which is what I would eventually like to achieve. I am not opposed to trying it though - the doing is most of the fun for me!


thanks for the welcome!!