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SD italian and David's San Joaquin SD

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SD italian and David's San Joaquin SD

here are the two breads I made this week:


SD Italian: (I scored it down the middle and for some reason, I got a twisting pattern in the middle.) crumb was a bit denser then I like, but it was very delicious, and still had a fluffy texture.


and here's the San Joaquin: (very nice bread, great taste. I only need to work on my shaping)


that's the crumb shot.


a special thanks to David!


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I'm glad you enjoyed those breads.

It does look like a shaping issue - getting a good gluten "skin" around the loaves. I also suspect both breads needed a bit more gluten development. Just a hunch.

I generally get a darker and shinier crust on both types of breads. I wonder whether you are baking on a stone and how you are steaming your oven.

I'm going to be baking a couple SJ-SD breads later today and a batch of rolls from the Italian SD dough tomorrow.


TeaIV's picture

might be. the crumb was actually not bad, but you can't really see it in the picture.


I do not use a stone, and I just put some boiling water in a pan for steam.


but I definately need to get more surface tension on my shaped loaves.


thanks for the feedback,