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A simple white bread.

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A simple white bread.

I made a couple loaves of plain white bread from BBA. The loaf pans ended up being a little big, but the bread is still great for a sandwich.

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It looks to be pillow soft and ready for boysenberry jam.  How does it toast?

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Had it toasted this morning. The crumb and texture were fabulous. Dave

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I've had the same thing happen to me, Nomad. Sometimes my loaves a little to big for the pans I've selected and sometimes, too small. But it still tastes just a good. Nice loaves; you'll be able to make some great sandwiches.


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wow, almost looks like you got it from the store! aka perfect for sandwhiches.

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BBA has three white bread variations.  Which did you use for these loaves.  They look gorgeous!

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I used variation #1, but since I didn't have powdered milk I subbed 2% for the water and powdered milk. Dave

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cake diva

I just took some of my frozen white bread and made Croque Monsiuer with it. The end result was great and the bread did not lose any flavor or texture during its hibernation in the freezer.  You cannot make these type of grilled sandwiches with store-bought bread.