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flour and yeast storage

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flour and yeast storage

what is the best way to store flour and yeast. i live in Texas and it does gey hot. is the freezer ok? if so how long can flour and yeast keep that way.

also when you go to use flour that has been kept in the freezer, should you let it reach room temp, before using? same question for yeast.

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but not the yeast.  If it's instant yeast you can use it straight from the freezer.  If I had freezer space, I'd store all my flours there, but unfortunately, we've only got the top-of-the-fridge type freezer and there's never any room in that.  I just buy as much as I can use up in a couple of weeks.

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I buy my yeast (Active Dry) in two pound bags.  I divide it into smaller, quarter pound to half pound packets and freeze all that but one (about a quarter pound) which I hold in the refrigerator.  I keep about ten pounds of flour in the freezer, another five pounds in the cupboard.  We use it so fast (about five pounds per month) that it holds it freshness very nicely.  When I need a new bag of flour I just take it out of the freezer a day ahead of when I expect to use it.