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problem with resolution?

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problem with resolution?

all of a sudden everything on the site seems bigger. as in the resolution is lower. any ideas why this is happening?

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You've more than likely adjusted the size of your text in your browser.  If you are using Firefox, go>View>Zoom>Zoom out or alternately, View>Zoom>Reset.  If you are using Internet Explorer go>View>Text Size (I not sure if it reads Text Size or Character Size or something close to that - my browser is in Chinese and often the translations are subtly different)  then just choose the size you want.  Hope this helps.

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Just Loafin

I just adjusted my text size in IE7 and it made no change to the site, so the text size must be forced by the code or CSS. If 'everything' is bigger, then it's most likely the monitor resolution was changed on the user-end.

- Keith

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There is a browser setting that makes fonts get bigger that I used to accidentally hit all the time...on Firefox on the mac it's called Zoom and puppyfoot and + makes the text on the site grow. reset is puppyfoot and 0

I used to accidentally hit this on the PC all the time, cant recall the combination but it should be in your browser menus. This is completely independant of anything in the code or CSS and if you're only seeing this in the browser and not in other applications then it's something your browser did. Look for View: Zoom or Font Size or something like that.

I can assure you nothing on the site has changed  :)

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that helped thanks! It was wierd though, because it only happened on TFL.

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In Firefox, the zoom setting is for a particular site.  If you have a few tabs open, and hit [CTRL]+  the text size will increase on the site you are on, but not the others.

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also, if you hit ctrl and roll your mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out

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OK guys, it works - but how the heck do I get back to normal size? That'll teach me to play with stuff I don't understand, A


OK, I actually followed instructions, thank you Syd (?) and all is well again. Phew! A.

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I come here for bread tips and end up learning about my Mac.  Groovy!