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Some baking today.

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Some baking today.

Well, today was a fun day. I did a batch of English muffins using the KA sourdough recipe. These turned out great and we had our own egg mcMuffin's with a hollandaise sauce. A few also got toasted and slathered with jam. I also did 2 loafs of Anadama using PR's recipe in the BBA. I was very happy with the result. We just had a slice with butter. I'm thinking anadama will make a wonderful breakfast toast. The real test will be the 2 SD boules I have retarding in the fridge to bake tomorrow. We'll see how I faired with the BBA starter, sponge, stiff starter progression.


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Beautiful bakes and great photo!


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You have should be in advertising!

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and so well presented. I'm hungry.


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blackbird! Look at those muffins. Looking in tomorrow.

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I've been looking for!! I love the crumb, they are just perfect. I'm going to the site and search for that recipe.

We love PR's Anadama too, great bread.