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Tea Party

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Tea Party

hi all,

My wife has decided to orchestrate a tea party/ baby shower for one of the 10 pregnant mothers on our neighboorhood street.

Could any of you, more creative than myself, suggest a way to encorporate fresh ground whole wheat into tea party treats?

Perhaps some of the members here who are of British training could suggest?


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Tea sandwiches!  You can bake the bread in small loaf pans, you can make larger loaves and cut into triangles, you can make larger loaves and cut with cookie cutters. 

The possibilities are limitless for fillings and toppings.  You can do a search for tea sandwiches for a lot of ideas.  

It is cool to mix it up a little and do some of the sandwiches with two different kinds of bread. 

Have a good time helping your wife get ready for the party and take some pictures for us to see your final products.  Terry 

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You can make scones with many different whole grains ( spelt and oat are two I think would be nice along with WW) or combinations of them.  Of course they could be made with simply whole wheat too.

Crusts for small quiches could also be whole wheat.

This may be too cute, but you can make ribbon sandwiches by rolling out the bread with a rolling pin, (you slice it into long slices, lengthwise) spreading on a filling and roll it up like a jelly roll.  Then tie ribbons at even intervals and slice between the ribbons.  Choose your filling and ribbons to create a look you like.  I believe this idea originated with the Victorians - lots of fussy details back then.


Hope this helps and have fun.  As Terry said, we'd love to see pics!