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Road Trip

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Road Trip

On Monday June 8? is it I will be leaving on a road trip.  I will be driving from Pittsburgh through Ohio and Indiana with the ultimate goal being Colorado, Utah and, New Mexico.  I probably wont be doing much touring en route but the last 3 states I will be doing alot.  The main focus of my trip will be national park areas in Uth and Colorado and in NM we will be staying in Santa Fe and seeing ome of the northern towns afer that.  So does anyone have any recommendations of any very special artisanal bakeries or mills or the like that I REALLY NEED TO GO TO.  The trip is going to be approximately a month long or a little more and I will be checking the web intermittently so any help would be appreciated.   

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When you go to New Mexico, I strongly recommend a stop in Taos. If you go into the pueblo (they ask for a small admittance charge) you will find old women making fry bread and other absolutely delicious items in adobe ovens. The people are incredibly friendly, and when you're walking around the beautiful pueblo with fresh bread in your hand, the local dogs are even friendlier.

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I haven't lived in NM for .... let's just say "several decades."

The State has a distinctive traditional cuisine that is heavily influenced by the Navajo and Pueblo cultures. They do eat tortillas, which may have been "imported" from  Mexico, but the distinctive local breads are "Indian Fry Bread," as femlow said, and sopaipillas.

These are also fried, but are more like New Orlean's-style beignets than anything else. However, they are not sweet, and they are served as the bread with meals, often accompanied by honey. You bite off a corner and pour honey into the hollow interior. 

Sopaipillas are also sometimes served stuffed with seasoned chopped meat or other things, as a main course.

Santa Fe and other towns also have a variety of restaurants with various fusions of local and European cuisines at which, I imagine, more familiar breads are served.

Have a great time. Send us "postcards!"


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Anyone??? Anyone????.

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In Taos, there's Joe's Mainstreet Bakery owned by Joseph Wrede, named one of the 25 best new chefs in the US several years ago.

Also, in Santa Fe, Sage Bakehouse.