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In Tucson, Arizona....

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In Tucson, Arizona.... go to Beyond Bread. They have their regulars daily, but do specialty breads for holidays and holy days as well as pretzel buns early in the week. Prices are very good also.

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 La Baguette Parisienne at the N.W. corner of Broadway and Pantano. It is the best that Tucson has to offer, even better than beyond bread.

Be aware, they do not accept debit or credit cards. Cash and check only!

Bryan Salzman

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    Brother Juniper

    Three of my dearest friends went to Tucson to do some shopping on Saturday afternoon and I tagged along for the sole purpose of visiting La Baguette Parisienne.  I love these three brothers, but they are not bakers and they had a hard time understanding my zeal to drive way out on East Broadway just to check out a bakery.  Unfortunately, we got a bit of a late start and arrived after the La Baguette Parisienne had closed at 3 p.m.   We turned around and went to Beyond Bread.

    I had never been there before.  One of the friends that I was with raved about it, but frankly, not being a baker, he was more excited about the tray of sample slices and the big tub of butter they provide for people waiting in line. 

    When we got there the place was hopping and I peeked back lustily into the bakery area, trying not to draw too much attention to myself.  When it came time to order, I approached an attractive young lady behind the counter to ask for her recommendation.  She told me that she had just started three days ago and "didn't eat any of the food here."  Yikes!  Fortunately she was able to introduce me to a more seasoned employee who recommended, amongst other breads, the "Ancho Cheese" loaf. 

    The loaf was a stunning red color, almost like a sundried tomato bread.  I would have enjoyed a little more kick in the chili department; not quite enough heat for me in Beyond Bread's spiciest offering and the cheese seemed a little non-descript.  I've had some great chili cheese breads where there are hunks of cheese in the bread, but this seemed to have just melted out of it, leaving the subtle cheddar flavor behind.  The crust however was excellent, both top and bottom; crispy and chewy, really an excellent texture.

    I look forward to visiting La Baguette Parisienne soon, but in the meantime, and during Parisienne off-hours, Beyond Bread is a great place to break bread with your brethren, even the ones that don't know what a biga is.