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Today's sourdough bread - "Have you eaten?"

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Today's sourdough bread - "Have you eaten?"

Chinese had been poor throughout history. It's customary to greet people, "Have you eaten?"  Up until recently, when I had to call someone on the phone, the first thing I said was, "Have you had lunch (or dinner)?"  This is my hello, how's it going sort of greetings.  Lately I've found that must have sounded absurd to people.  I ran into Carol, our neighbour, and two (or should I say, three) nice looking lady friends of hers saying good-bye to each other at our cul-de-sac around mid-day today.  What did I say? I said, "Have you eaten?"  Immediately I felt absurd.  Carol said, no; we've just had green tea.  I said I had dough proofing at my countertop ready to be baked; would you like to try?  Fortunately they said no; it wouldn't have been enough.  So, here it is.  The bread for today, a one-pounder.  








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Beautiful loaf of bread. Nice job!

Chef Ryan

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Looks so good, what a perfect crumb, thanks, shay-shay

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That's the crumb I love, open and shiny. Well done, A

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cake diva


"Have you eaten" must be an Asian thing.  It is not uncommon for Filipinos to say the same, as an expression of concern for the well-being (translation:  full stomach) of the person being greeted, and also an intent to provide nourishment.  And when we say "Eat!", this is not an order, but a manifestation of love and hospitality.

Culture aside, your bread is picture-perfect!  Love the blisters!

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Thank you everyone for the encouragement.  For matthewf01, the recipe is Susan's ultimate sourdough (Susan of San Diego,   I think one of the success factors in Susan's beautiful loaves is the high gluten flour she uses, which is a deviation from conventional artisan breads.  I did not use high gluten flour because to this date I still can't source it locally.  After I shaped my dough, I placed it on a lightly oiled baking paper to proof inside a soup bowl.  The blisters came from the water I spayed before putting it into oven.