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Brioche - BBA Challenge

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Brioche - BBA Challenge

On page 126 of TBA, Reinhart says to "grease two 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch loaf pans" and then to "divide the dough into 3 pieces ... and shape them into loaves ...".  Has anyone figured out why we don't use three loaf pans?  Maybe this was just a typo that the proof reader missed?

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I'm pretty sure that's just a typo - though it may stem from the fact that a lot of people can't line 3 loaves up with room for clearance and even baking in their oven and have to do 2 at a time? I'd assume, though, that there would be a need to refrigerate that third portion of dough.


BTW, is the Casatiello being considered one of the brioche options for sake of the Challenge or is it a separate bread in addition to the three main brioche?

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Here is the list of the BBA bread line up:

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    I treated the third piece like a topper. I noticed in the pictures of the large brioche breads, it's a large boule with a smaller piece on top. So I divided the third piece in half again and shaped these two pieces into smaller loaf shapes again before placing on top of the two larger pieces. It worked out great.

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Don't most traditional brioche loaves have a braid on top, or am I thinking of something else? Perhaps that's what the third part is for.

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Brioche cooked in a brioche mold have a little ball on top. The instructions for these, when making as a loaf, were to shape as per the instructions on page 81, which didn't include any sort of doodads. (Like that highly technical bread term?)

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I baked mine as pull-a-part rolls and the family and kids LOVED them.


As far as two loaf pans, I read that as he assumes you already have a small amount in a fluted pan.  Not sure.  But the pull-a-part rolls are outstanding! Yum!