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I know I ask a lot of questions!!


I am trying to improve the grigne on my loaves, but I realized that I don't know what a "good" one actually looks like.  I personally like a little bit of a ragged look, but not so ragged that it looks like  a mistake. I like to see some of the hole structure, and for there to be some color contrast between the scoring area and the rest of the crust.  Are these indicators of a "proper" grigne?  If not, what should I be striving for, aesthetically?

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Hi, DrPr.

The "proper" grigne is the one that you like best. Here are some samples:


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Yes, I believe I'd have to agree that it's the one you like best.

Here's an assortment of some of mine (just click on the thumbnail to enlarge) and, the one I like "best" depends on the style/type of bread I'm making: