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bulk yeast storage?

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bulk yeast storage?

i have 50lbs of instant yeast and need some ideas on how to store it. i keep a bucket in the cooler for current use but there is no room for the rest. thought i might place in gal. bags and shrink-wrap. i should be able to keep these on a 'cool dry' shelf almost indefinitly?


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Doing a vacuum pack and stashing it in your freezer will keep it viable for a very long time.  A couple of years at least, if not more.

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bobm1 on May 27, 2009 wrote:
i have 50lbs of instant yeast and need some ideas on how to store it

Was that number a typo or do you really have 50 lbs of instant yeast?

Inquiring minds plus the idly curious are eager to know.

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check! that a big five-O. it came vacuume packed and once opened it was obvious that it would have to be repackaged. i'm not really worried about shelf life but my space is limited to say the very least. i think we've decided to go with lg. freezer bags and freeze. pretty straight forward after a moments thought.

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How's your freezer space? Fifty pounds of yeast must take up a lot of space. If you have a foodsaver you could re-package it with that and suck out all the air.


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yup, that seems to be the general concensus. it doesn't take all that much space really. a 24x24x8in box. still a little lg, for the home frigde/freezer. we do have a freezer for the fruits and veg. we put up. just have to find a suitable vacuum gadget and set to the task o baggin'.

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Dcn Marty

Try the following site for information and supplies to store your yeast:

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one can bake alotsa loafs with 50 lbs. say you need 2 gr a loaf go do the math.

freezing only slows down the degeneation.

depends on the number of loafs freeze or dump it.


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Where were you able to get that size pkg of yeast? Can you tell us how much it cost??

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i puchased this thru a local jobber representing Sisco Foods. I don't recall what we paid but everything we purchased from him was overpriced. we now deal with Dawn Foods out of ATL. they carry KAF and Guisto, among others. i'll look up it and post tonight.


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instant dried yeast is a good fish food just a little at a time though