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Dave's Killer Bread

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Dave's Killer Bread

We hit the farmer's market for the first time this year and seeing Dave's Killer Bread booth made me think that although there's been threads about the great bakeries we have in Portland, no one's ever mentioned Dave's. Here's a guy who had hit rock bottom and made a remarkable recovery. It's nice to hear a positive story for a change.

His breads are KILLER, really good. They are available in many local grocery stores. Here's his story..


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I watched the video and it was a really good story.  If I ever get to go to Oregon I'll definitely try the bread.


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Dave's has an outlet in Portland across the road from Bob's Red Mill. They sell day old & the time I went in something frozen. Reduced prices, nice people. Bobs has a stand with an advertisement newspaper that had a coupon for Dave's. Really delicious bread. I have tried Bob's baked goods but I have found them dry. Not as good as Dave's.