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Greetings ^^ FROM VIRGINIA

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Greetings ^^ FROM VIRGINIA

Hello Everyone!

I just joined this place like 5 minutes ago..

I was looking around in google about bakery, because I'm so interested in Bread

Well..not just bread but pasteries and cake decorations and all THE WHOLE THING

but the problem is ?? I don't know ANYTHING and trust me when i say Anything <<

I've baked a bread like twice and tested stuff out, but half came out awesome and half was just plain nothing.. 

I just love the feeling of it when the bread is first straight out of the oven..the smell..the color..shiney sparkle sparkle into my eyes from the egg :]

and i noticed this all the time, but i always have a big grin a biiiig smile on my face while i take the bread out of the oven.. it just makes me so happy  [ i have really small lips ]

so i was just wondering if anyone knew the first few steps of becoming..i don't know  getting to know

BREAD / CAKE :] ?? im still only 18.. DREAM/GOAL : Pastry Chef , baker , cake designer



ps: im trying to find a job in a bakery right after highschool graduation this coming june 2009 :D

any good tips? i know the economy is horrible..but do you think anyone will be hiring right now?

should i ask for.. like a free volunteering ~ kind of week? to see if im any good to them?



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Welcome to TFL.

Have you considered attending culinary school?  You don't say where you are in VA, but there is Culinard in your state.

Actually, Daniel T.  DiMuzio, a TFL member and author of "Bread Baking, An Artisan's Perspective," was the chef instructor at Culinard.  Perhaps Dan will see your post and have some suggestions.

Certainly finding a job in a local bakery will let you discover if you really won't mind the hard work and long hours, although you'd probably start out doing the grunt work.

Good luck to you - you sound as if you have the passion and I hope you find something this summer.

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well i want to go into the stratford university<< if you have heard of it that is in falls church and woodbridge

i live in Fairfax virginia~

a guy that asked me to come for the bakery and pastery  AAS degree 15months to get but expensive :(

well im going into the bakery field ^^ because i really wanted to see if i can take the heat if you know what i mean :]

and to see if im really up to the challenges i will get and if i will keep on taking it until the rest of my days~!

hopefully i can !! and be a great pastry chef one day :D THANK YOu

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Culinard is in Birmingham, Alabama, according to their web site, so that's probably not much help.  I don't know much about Stratford, except that they are one of those for-profit schools that have popped up in the past 30 years or so, primarily serving students who work full time.  Might be perfect for learning about baking, while getting some practical experience.

As for working in a bakery, there is a Great Harvest Bakery in Herndon, and a friend of mine is planning to open a new one a little further out, in either Prince William or Loudon County, some time later this year.  Also, most of the larger supermarkets in our area have in-house bakeries, and there might be job openings there.

Best of luck.

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oh wow i wish that i can work at great harvest, i heard a lot of great things about that place


theres one where i live and it's only 2 minutes of driving.


but the problem is that even though i got hired at the new place you're talking about..


im not such a good driver and im not sure if i can go to that place if it's too far away from my house


i live in Burke-- Fairfax VA

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odd todd

LEarn to make several types of bread and try selling them at a farmer's market. Smaller, new markets are popping up everywhere and they may not charge you a fee for a table. That's what we are doing here in NC. Good luck!