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Hi from North Georgia

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Hi from North Georgia

I've been popping in and out for quite a while now, asking for and receiving the best information available anywhere.  Thought it was about time I introduced myself and explain why I have developed such an obsession with baking.

I have been a Real Estate Broker in Georgia, specializing in farms and raw land for the past 30 years.  I love to ride horses, target shoot, garden and be outdoors in general.  I guess you wouldn't call me a girly girl. I can't do any of those things now though, because I developed a sorta nasty heart condition.  It won't beat without this implanted device, sort of like a pacemaker but stronger. 

Soooooo.............I spend a lot of time on my laptop and one day  I found this site and it was love at first sight.  I started devouring all the  wonderful information from Floyd and others and videos, especially Mark's.  I never knew how rewarding baking could be, not to mention how much joy it brings to the baker and the lucky people who receive the results of your efforts. No sympathy, just more good advice please.




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Welcome to TFL, Carol. This is a great place to bake and share, and get advice.


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We all welcome you.  Your input would be appreciated.