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090525 76% Hydration Baguette Make-over - Before and After

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090525 76% Hydration Baguette Make-over - Before and After

Same formula as the 76% hydration baguettes in my 090510 entry.  However, a few changes took place:


Flour - switched to KA organic all purpose flour from bread flour

Having become more comfortable handling slack dough by referencing to dough kneading and shaping techniques from Susan of San Diego, SteveB of Bread Cetera and Mark of the Back Home Bakery.

And for the first time, I heard the 'singing' of my baguettes.


Next time:    Study David's Bread Scoring Tutorial and handle the dough even more gently.





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Hey Yippee,

Isn't the singing cool?  When I first started here back in August I was a maniac, not sleeping, etc.  The first time I heard them sing i cried, it was so beautiful.



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Paul.  I guess the joy of success is universal, regardless of gender or race.