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buns of steel


I've started a Desem as per Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book.

It's frustrating to me that the measurements are in cups, not weight.

Does anyone have any idea of the % hydration, or any other recommendations as to other sources for good info on Desem, hopefully that would be by weight.

Thanks for any info!

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We miss him around here. He's has some great blogs on other whole wheat breads too.


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buns of steel

Thanks Betty! Much appreciated.

I've read the blog, I was glad to see a mention that there is some info in The Bread Builders, as I have that book, although I've loaned it out to a friend. Will get it back in a few weeks and see what it has to say.

However, the method used by JMonkey is just to take some other sourdough starter, and feed it at the lower Desem temperatures for 3 days. This will not get you the same Desem population of organisms in my understanding. My understanding is that the whole point of the Desem is to get a starter that doesn't have the same souring organisms of typical sourdough, and that an original Desem culture is necessary from scratch from freshly milled organic flour fermented at cold temperatures, to select for a different population.

The leavening power I've gotten from this Desem is amazing, it's faster than typical sourdough. Dough properties are also different.

I'm also wondering if the part about wrapping it in two layers of cloth once it's built is necessary.