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Starter Volume discrepancies

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Starter Volume discrepancies

Since I'm a newbie,I still have questions prior to starting baking my first sourdough. I have seen recipes varying everywhere from 1/8 - 2 cups of starter. I like extra sour sourdough and from what I have read so far, the fermentation time and temperature is what determines the sourness of the dough.

So what's up with the various amounts of starter in these recipes?


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Too many! The amoujt of starter not only depends on time and temperature, but also the interplay of other ingredients and the purpose of the sourdough in the formula. You may not use it for sour taste or leavening at all, but only to lighten whole grains and/or to extend shelf life. The amount for a short, quick rise and mild flavor will be different than the amount for a slow,long rise with well-developed sour tang. Hundreds of variables and proportions.

That's part of the beauty and joy of breadmaking.