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microwave lemon curd

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microwave lemon curd

Off topic, but goes nice with home made baked goodies


Microwave Lemon Curd

2 Lemons (juice & rind finely grated)
3 Eggs Whisked
2 oz Butter (or up to 4 oz)
8 oz Sugar (scant)

Melt butter, add rest of ingredients 5 mins in Microwave(whisk every minute)


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I love lemon curd and intend to try your method, but before I do.....

1) This may sound stupid but do you squeeze the juice from the lemons first, then grate the rind?  I thought about using the food processor but I doubt that it would mince the lemons finely enough.

2) How come the microwave doesn't "scramble" the eggs?  Just curious.



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Then squeeze. Always. If you squeeze first, it's very difficult to zest a lemon.