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Bread recipes using whole milk

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Bread recipes using whole milk

I have 2 1/2 cups of whole milk that will expire on the 18th.  I bought it for making the Classic French Fruit Tart in the Art and Soul of Baking... it turned out delicious, so far I am loving that book.

Anyone have any bread recipe suggestions that call for whole milk?  Or any baked good that requires it?



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Use it in a milk loaf.  A proportion of milk added to the water results in a bread with a softer crumb and a delightful taste.

If you don't have a recipe, you should be able to find a Dan Lepard one on the BBC Food website. I don't have it to hand, so can't post it for you.




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will work perfectly for you.  It's the entry titled '090331 xxxxxxx' in my blog.  Recipe was posted in the following day. You may replace the whipping cream called for in the recipe with milk as well. 



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If you do a search I think most recipes use it.  A dozen small ones use about 3/4 cup.  Double the recipe (they go fast once you announce them to friends and family!) and drink the rest with iced espresso.


You could be a bit healthier and use the milk in scones which are also easy and quick and use up a lot of milk.