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Hamelman x SteveB = ? Wonderbread

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Hamelman x SteveB = ? Wonderbread

I made my favourite bread again today, 5 grain with rye sourdough

Followed the recipe with the following alterations;

No yeast

Used SteveB's mixing instructions for double flour & water additions in KA, the soaker added with the 2nd flour addition, the last 4oz water kneaded in by hand

Bulk ferment was 5 hours @ 66F

Loaves were shaped, then retarded 8 hours in fridge & final proof 3 hours @ 66F

It was baked uncovered with steam & had the most astonishing ovenspring I have ever encoutered. The whole loaves expanded & ended up much bigger than usual. The multigrain loaves feel as light as French bread. I haven't cut into one yet to see the crumb.

Photos are at

Steve's hypothesis is that the tiny bubbles formed during mixing act as  sites for the formation of larger CO2 bubbles produced during fermentation. It certainly seems to work, whether it's an improvement or not awaits the tasting?


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Those are beautiful breads Patsy. Could you tell us what the grain/seed combinations are please? I think I see flax and maybe sunflour.


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Gorgeous bread, Patsy!


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They sure look amazing, Patsy.  What brand flours are you using?  Do you add cracked rye to the flaxseed, sunflower, and oat soaker?  That's really massive oven spring.

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Thanks  for the compliments.

It's Hamelman's 5 seed with rye sourdough, no alterations to the recipe except for SteveB's mixing method & the retardation. The grains are oats, cracked rye, flax, sunflower seeds, rye and bread flour. I'll post a photo of the crumb when I cut it.


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Wow, the crumb looks fantastic also! Were you pleased with the flavor?


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Patsy, you sure know how to hurt a guy... putting my name (not to mention Hamelman's) and Wonderbread together in the same title!  :)

By the way, nice looking loaves!  I'm sure they're going to have a much better flavor than Wonderbread.



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Crumb photo at same site;

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That looks really good!!