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I used my "mother" on Mother's Day

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I used my "mother" on Mother's Day

I used my brand new from scratch starter for the first time today.  The starter is about 16 days old and going like gangbusters.  

First I used it to make sourdough english muffins from Susan at Wild Yeast's recipe:  They were easy to make and tasted delicious.  They even look like the kind you buy at the store.  I was amazed at how much rising took place on the griddle.  And a mystery is solved--I always wondered how they got that sort of line around the middle right where you need to slice.  I learned watching mine cook that it's a combination of the rising of the interior of the muffin and the weight of the outer dough that creates that sort of "waistline".  

I also added a small amount of the starter to my multigrain bread to help extend the life of the loaf and perhaps to lighten it up a bit.  It didn't seem to rise as quickly or as high today, though, for some reason.  I didn't alter the recipe at all except to replace an equal weight of AP flour and water with starter--about 10% of the total flour weight.  I haven't cut into the bread yet--I let our everyday breads cool for an entire day before slicing for the week (when I can bear not to have a slice of warm, fresh bread).  

Wild yeast from scratch.  It worked, it worked, it worked.  And it was fun!

Here's my question:  My muffins didn't taste sour at all.  My starter is mildly sour, so I am hoping it will become more sour over time.  I am ready to start refrigerating the starter rather than continuing the twice daily feedings and I wonder if that will help or hinder the development of the sour flavor?

Oh, and my dear husband gave me a Primo Escali scale for Mom's day (we won't mention that I told him exactly what I wanted and even where to buy it).  Life is much easier when you can use the tare function and measure out ingredients or starter components.  I LOVE it!

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There are a lot of threads on how to make your starter more sour. If you can't find them, just drop a post and I'll look around for you.


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I don't really want to "tweak" my starter just yet.  I'm just wondering if it will happen naturally over time and whether or not refrigerating my starter will impede that natural process?  I'm getting a bit tired of feeding it twice a day, and ready to have it go into the fridge. 

It seemed to have been more sour earlier in the week, but I wonder if the sour got a bit diluted as I bulked up to use the starter in baking over the weekend.