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poolish: fridge or counter?

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poolish: fridge or counter?


I use a 100% hydration yeast poolish to make my whole wheat dough. I need to know whether a poolish should be allowed to over-ferment or should we move it to the fridge once it doubles?

I ask because I'm living in a warm weather, and my poolish collapses if allowed to develop after getting doubled in height. What is your recommendation regarding this?

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I let mine rest on the counter over night.  But if it were doubling as fast as you describe I would refrigerate it and allow it to develop more slowly, then bring it back to room temp (75 degrees +/-) before using it.

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I have never used a poolish when making wheat bread, please tell me the difference in this and the straight forward mix, rise and bake method.  Let me be totally honest, I have never used a poolish or biga period.  Does it have an effect on the flavor?  Thanks