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Madeiran Bread

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Madeiran Bread   This is a Portuguese website, has regions you can click on such as Madeira, Porto Santo and others on the continent.

Also try searching      for   receitas    with the .pt


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A favorite bread on Madeira is made using sweet potatoes.  Does anyone know the recipe?

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I visited my baker friend, and this is what I got (with a few changes from Portuguese).  I hope you have great success; it's a fantastic memory from Madeira!   These can be made in a smaller size to make the prego sandes found here.  They are basically minute steaks, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, white onions, beets, and shredded carrots on the side. Yummy!


200gm formento YEAST (fermento was the way he spelled it first, and that’s what our dictionary says; however, he took the package out of his refrigerator to check the brand, so Mauri brand may spell it formento, because he crossed fermento out and changed it to salt; he said any brand would do;  I smelled to to make sure it was yeast.)

70 gm sal SALT

70  gm açucár  SUGAR

1 batata doce SWEET POTATO  (about the size of 2 of my fists)

12 kg farinha FLOUR

"Water that is not hot enough to burn your skin but hot enough to make the yeast work."  No amount given.

Cook the potato(es) first, peel and mash the insides.  Mix with dry ingredients except flour.  Mix well.

Add water and flour alternately, to form a medium-soft dough (that can be formed into balls about the size of a man’s fist later).  Knead, let rise one hour, then form into balls.  Let rise till doubled.

Flatten out the ball, using the hands, to approximately 1 inch thick.   Cook on warm griddle, not hot as for pancakes. (The same griddle is used to heat the water and to reheat the bolos after they have been buttered.)  Turn to brown, and roll along the edge to brown it all the way around.  (Takes about 5 minutes.  Can be stacked together under kitchen towels, not terrycloth. 

To reheat, slice in half flatwise and cover cut sides with butter mixture (below).  Warm on the flat outside edges in the manner they were cooked before.

Butter sauce:

Finely mince fresh garlic and flat-leafed parsley  (called “salsa” here).  Mix with real butter and spread about 5 tablespoons on one half.  Then warm on the griddle just like when the bread was cooked before until the butter melts into the bread.  Definitely serve warm!

Bolo do caco com chorizo:

Use the same size  ball of dough, but flatten it out more, put 4-5 thinly sliced chorizo sausage in the middle, leaving the ends exposed slightly.  Roll up several times, flatten with the hands, and cook as before on a griddle till the bread is done.  I asked him if he put cheese in it, and he made a face and said no.

These can be made ahead of time and put into the  “micro-onda” (microwave) to reheat.  (We like cheese in ours, "flamenca" Dutch cheese.)

***The wheat flour is not bread flour.  It is sold in kilo packages here 2.2 pounds.  Does not contain baking powder.  I couldn't tell whether the yeast was granulated or not, but the packages were like small flour packages, so I'm reasonably sure it was.  I have never seen yeast cakes here.