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new to forum


I have been reading this website for a number of weeks now but only recently found the forums.  LOTS of new info to catch up on!!

I have developed a passion for baking bread over the last few years.  At first it seemed like such a time consuming task with multiple rising times but then I found the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes bk and that has reinspired my love of baking bread!

I have tried baking bread with the steam in the oven to get that "perfect" crust... I've tried baking it in a small heart shaped LeCreuset dish (that gave the bread an awesome crust) -  I love making pizza crust and now find the best way to make it is on the grill!! - I have tried making english muffins in the oven (they didn't turn out like I want so I have to work on that recipe) - I've made pitas in the oven and on the grill (and won't buy them ever again!) - I've made to die for cinnamin buns with a challah bread recipe - I've tried braiding challah (...something else that requires more practice!) - I've made a great peasant loaf that is very close to what they sell at Macaroni Grill that is delicious - ..... and I've had a lot of failed attempts!  But it's all been fun and I've loved baking every loaf!  My daughters even beg to help me when I bake!

I think I've gained a zillion pounds because of this new carby passion but - that's ok....  I've started to give my breads away to friends and to bake for church gatherings and school meetings!  As long as I can still *make* it - it's ok! ~somebody else can eat it & hopefully they  enjoy it!  :o)

I look forward to reading more posts!!

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I have developed a love for baking the same way as you have - started with simple yeasted breat and took off from there!  Hope you have as much fun with this site as I have.


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You sound very excited about your newfound passion. :-)  I am an excited bread baker as well.  I inherited the joy of creating good food "the hard way" through my dad, who prefers things that are hand-crafted without all the modern shortcuts like bread machines and even commercial yeast.  Naturally, the rustic quality of sourdough bread attracted me, and I love it. I use commercial yeast once in a while, but the fun for me is in the long fermentations and the effort of using my hands rather than mixers and bread machines. I hope to get a wood-fired oven off the ground this year!  I hope you'll put up some pictures of your breads!