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Walnut Levain Bread

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Walnut Levain Bread

Last weekend's bread was my first attempt at a recipe called "Pearl's Walnut Levain", from Artisan Bread Baking, Glezer's book


I highly recommend this recipe - I was a bit weary of the walnut halves, they seemed huge and difficult to knead in, I was afraid it would break the gluten strands and turn the bread into lead. Not at all. The crumb is a bit tighter than the sourdoughs I've been making, but still feels pretty light, especially considering the amount of nuts inside.


the bread still tasted quite fresh and moist after 3 days, which is an added bonus. It was spectacular with some Stilton cheese in it.  But we even enjoyed it to go along with some pasta with chicken parmiggiana, which seemed a bit of a strange combo  :-)


I show  four pictures, dough ready to get the walnuts mixed in, final rise before going in the clay pot, and two of the ready "boule"


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Sally, the bread looks wonderful, it stands on its own, but when I imagine Stilton on it, then mouth-watering gets out of control.  I know, I shouldn't have looked at TFL before breakfast, and your well-taken pictures only exacerbate the condition.  Very nice!


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Hmmmm ... I'll be at the Pearl Bakery in about a month. I'll check if the original is as yummy looking as yours.


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Mini Oven

The slices looks even better!


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Good job on this Sally. Did you bake it in the clay object the finished boule is in? Really looks great.


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Yes, actually I made two loaves at the same time, one in the clay pot, covered for 30 minutes, uncovered for 20 more  The other over stones, with an inverted roasting pan on top of it, also with the same timing. They ended up looking very similar, but the one in the clay pot had a nicer overall shape.


(do I see a second clay baker in my future?       this never ends.... :-)

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Makes my mouth water...

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Debra Wink

Mmm. I love walnut bread! Yours looks great Sally.

dw (macy)