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new to The Fresh Loaf; bread baker for a while

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new to The Fresh Loaf; bread baker for a while

Been in a slump with my bread baking of late; only braggin' quality in the past month a sundried tomato and rosemary foccacia, and some pecan sticky buns to kill for. So, yesterday I decided to try my hand at a sourdough whole-wheat loaf. I've been keeping a 100% hydration King Arthur strain happy for about six months, and heard a comment on a YouTube video by Rienhart hyping his latest book that set me thinking. Here's what I did:

Feed a cup (8-1/2 oz.) of starter with a cup of KA all purpose flour (my standard feed), and let work at room temp for 12 hours. Mixed 2 cups (9 oz.) KA whole wheat with one cup water (approximately 100% hydration), and set it aside too. Slept well. This morning I added enough KA bread flour and water, salt and yeast to build a three-pound dough with 65% hydration. I agonized over adding the yeast, and finally decided to use it to shorten proof time. I figured I got plenty of flavor from the sourdough starter, and the autolysed whole wheat, but the down side might be well developed dough-destroying enzyme from the whole wheat. (I'll try  it again without the yeast.) Proofed, shaped, proofed again, and baked at 450° F(convection oven, early steam) to 205°F internal. Picture tells half the result, flavor is excellent, crumb and crust delightfully chewy.

Glad I found The Fresh Loaf. Been surfing for quite a while with disappointing success until now. Learned a lot, already.

David G.


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Nice looking loaves, and welcome to the site.

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Hello David,

Good to see your work. The Loaf is a great and friendly place to tune your skills. There are lots of helpful and skilled bakers from all walks of life. If you see something you like and want to try it, just jump in and ask if you have questions.

I look forward to seeing your work.