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After having joined this forum two or three weeks ago I'm amazed at how much good information there is here to be gleaned about all things bread.  As a foodie, a wood oven owner, home coffee roaster, home brewer and a few other do it yourself hobbies... I'm searching the forum daily for tips and techniques on improving my bread.

My sour dough loaves are turning out wonderfully now after discovering how to nurture and prepare my starter properly, and to be oh-so-patient with the rising phases.  My pizza doughs and bases are exactly what I've been looking for, for two years and my family have all commented that Dad's pizzas have finally "arrived".

Thanks to The Fresh Loaf and all its contributors, and I'll keep checking in and helping where I can.


New Zealand.

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Hi, Paul.

Welcome to TFL!

Looking forward to your contributions.


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Hello and welcome to TFL, Paul.  Your baking and wfoven sound wonderful!

Sylvia in San Diego

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Congrats, Paul!

I felt the same way after a couple of weeks at the U of TFL. Keep up the great work and let us see your handiwork!