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Hi from Waterloo

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Hi from Waterloo

I have been lurking for a while and decided to step up and say hello, At this point I have very little to offer as I am a total newby to baking. I have successfully made six loaves of basic bread and a number of sour"Cream" coffee cakes on my wood fired outdoor smoker. My hope is to learn more about bread and eventually build a brick oven. My motivation is from childhood memories of my grandmother baking large quantities of bread and coffee cakes for the farmers market. Since she past away 49 years ago I am really rely on a fuzy memory.LOL. This is a wonderful source of information for me and many of my beginner questions have been asked and answered on here.

My other passion is southern style smoked meat and my Collie dog.

waterloo county coffee cake

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hi H20loo, I also am quite new to the forum and learning heaps here everyday.  This morning I learned that when using a quarter teaspoon of yeast in a dough mix, you should make sure the mixer machine mixes well.

This one did not, and I did notice some dry flour still in the bottom after 15 minutes of mixing, which I did not worry about.  However after two days !!!! the dough has not risen, which tells me ALL THE YEAST was at the bottom and never got mixed in !  Leaving all that lovely dough without any yeast. Oh well, I now know to mix by hand.  

Seriously, there is much to learn and sourdoughs are my current favourite, with a couple of seriously good loaves to my credit.  The SD starter I made myself from just flour and water which was left for four weeks with several feeds during that time.  Its now working as expected and the flavour is wonderful.

I also enjoy wood fired things, and have a WF pizza oven which will soon be used for all things bread as well as the regular food items including meats and pizza.

I was also very pleased as were all my family when I discovered a great recipe for pizza dough right here on the forum.

All the best with your adventures in fermentation !