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Favorite Whole Wheat Bread?

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Favorite Whole Wheat Bread?

I'll admit I haven't made many Whole Wheat breads that I thought were full of flavor. Most of them taste like they are good for you but lack that deep flavor that makes you want to have another piece. Floyd posted a loaf he did a couple weeks ago along with a sourdough starter that sat in the cooler for 2 weeks that caught my attention. I have been wanting to learn about making good WW breads for a while and this is my entry into what I hope will be a good learning experience. I'm a decent rye baker and a little better with light combination's and even better with various bread flour mixes but, I need some help in this area.

I own Reinhart's Whole Grain Bread and the BBA and Hamelmans Bread that I would like to use for a base to start from. So if any of you would like to speak up with a favorite from one of these books or even something else, I would appreciate it greatly.

I have decided to purchase some fresh stone ground flour from the milling operation that sent floyd a package and it arrived today. I opened the bag and it smells wonderful. By comparison the store bought has little aroma. So my hopes are high.

BTW the flour is from flourgirl51's operation in Northern Minnesota. The cost to purchase 10 Lbs of fresh whole grain flour was competitive with our local store, delivered no less. Here is the link.


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If you can get your hands on a copy of Clayton's The Complete Book of Breads, he has a honey-lemon whole wheat recipe that I particularly like.  I also enjoy the pain au levain with whole wheat from the KAF Whole Grain Baking book.


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I also like the honey-lemon wheat by Clayton.  But I love Hamelman's WW multigrain.  p 169.  I like the one that used the sourdough culture but there is a version that uses a yeast pate ferment that is similar on p 126.  The thing I like about these is that you can use any mixture of multigains in the dough.  And depending on what you put in it changes the bread. It has no oil but a little honey and is really good stuff.  It is my go to WW sandwich loaf.

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I make Reinhardt's Struan out of the whole grain book, and I love it.  It's my new weekly breakfast toasting bread.  I use buttermilk, and bob's red mill 10 grain hot cereal mix for the soaker.  The bread is simple to make.  I don't even bother dirtying my mixer, and it's delicious.  It may well be good for you, but I couldn't care less. It is hands down the easiest and tastiest whole grain bread in my repetoire.


Of course if you happen to be a homebrewer as well the spent grain bread is also quite tasty.

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is also limited, Eric. FWIW ...

The fundamental bread in PR's Whole Grain book is good but on the heavy side. You just know it must be good for you, in a puritanical sort of way. it is very good tasting, just not what I personally prefer in a WW bread.

The Whole Wheat bread in BBA is about my all time favorite WW bread. I think it's the honey and the buttermilk. It is amazingly light, tender and has a lovely whole wheat flavor with no "grassy" overtones.

I can't believe I've actually never made Struan Bread. Those who have rave about it, especially as toast. I do need to try it myself.

As Lee would say, "That's my story, and I'm sticking to it."