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using up "old dough"

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using up "old dough"

Hi --

You guys were so helpful in sharing ideas for using "leftover" sourdough starter (so far, I've made the English muffins and that wonderful banana bread, which was DEVOURED here, by the way ...). So, I wanted to return the favor and share this yummy sandwich bread I made today that also calls for "leftovers." The recipe, from Rose Levy Beranbaum,  uses "old dough," which I had in the fridge from some English muffins the other day.

It turns out a very flavorful, sturdy 50-percent wheat bread that's great for sandwiches.

You can see pictures and get the recipe at Flour Girl.


Happy baking!

Flour Girl

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Pancakes! Basically a mix of 1-2 cups of 100% starter, 1 egg, 3 Tbs brown sugar. Add some buttermilk (or not) to desired consistency, and ladle them onto a hot griddle. It's an uncommon pancake texture, but great taste, and I actually prefer the texture (chewier).