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Dumb move, forgot yeast

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Dumb move, forgot yeast

So I made a double batch of Hamelman's Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal bread this morning while cooking breakfast for the family.  After setting it to rise for 1 hr I went to fold it and realized I forgot to put the yeast in it.  How smart am I this morning.  I knew I should have waited til after breakfast.  So I added the yeast and kneaded it in as best as I could.  I guess I will have to see if it works.  Has anyone else done this?  Is it salvagable?

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Yeah, I've done that before, and also used a recipe once that had you combine everything and let it soak before kneading in the yeast at the end.  It certainly can work, if you got it all mixed in well enough.  Fingers crossed!

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Oh Yeh!  You can add salt to that list too! 


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I have left salt out so many times that I believe I have had a positive influence on world salt reserves.  I got tired of saying those nasty words of frustration that come out of the mouth a split second after the no salt realization and so it has been a long time since one of my all to often salt ommisions.  The vast majority of the breads I now make use sourdough so leaving out the yeast would be difficult...but certainly not impossible.


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Indeed, certainly not impossible - add water, salt, flour, forget the starter - curse the dryness of the dough, "adjust" it with water and wait. And wait. And wait.... :-)

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The first  hour after adding the yeast was slow going, but I folded again and it seems to be doing better on this second hour.  I just remember reading in Laurel's bread book you could add it but I didn't know if after an hr I had waited too long.  We will see how it turns out.  Just hated to ruin a double batch of it.

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with salt this morning, in this whole wheat sandwich loaf recipe. I sprinkled the salt over the top during the first rise and folded it in. We'll see if it tastes OK.

Maybe we all needed more coffee this morning?

Happy baking!

Flour Girl

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I think instant yeast will give you the best chance of success.


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I have them panned.  So I will see how they bake.  I think it will be okay.  Since I use instant I just sprinkled it over the dough, folded and kneaded.  Yes more coffee this morning for sure was needed.  At least I am not the only one.  Makes me feel better.

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You can add me to the list of those who have forgotten to add yeast to my dough. I've also forgotten to add salt.

Kneading either in a bit later seems to work fine. In fact, if you think about it, when you make a bread with a poolish or do a 60 minute autolyse, you are intentionally leaving out out salt and yeast for the first period of bulk fermentation.

It should work fine. Maybe an improvement, even. :-)


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But I am pretty bad about the salt. Many of the recipes I use call for adding the salt last, often after a preferment in the fridge, and I just can't remember that. You can, to some degree, knead it in later.

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I think they will be okay but they never rose much after panning.  At least it is a flavored, enriched dough.  Better luck next time.

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Since I too am forgetful -- I have a method that works for me.  I keep all of my bread recipes in excel files with all of the amounts listed in grams (oz. would work too.)  Next to each item I have a box -- which I write in what I just added.  Then on the bottom I write notes on what I did on this batch etc.  Helps me remember and helps me learn.  I should then copy the notes into the computer -- but they don't always make it -- lazy.


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I was forgetting the salt until I read a blog post on putting the salt aside in a little ramekin - waiting to be added. So far that's worked for me :)

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HAHAHAHA. I am so glad to read this post! I forgot both of these ingredients the last few times I baked in one loaf or another. I finally put a post-it not on the cabinet right in front of my face with SALT written on it. It also reminded me to check the recipe.

I have a lovely ciabatta in my freezer that will make a great pizza base or something just as spicey because it is certainly very bland tasting by itself.