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Food Processor Butter

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Food Processor Butter

Earlier there was some discussion about making fresh butter.  Their is a nice easy recipe for making fresh butter on .  He uses a food processor and the butter looks very nice.  Just look under 'How to make butter'.


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That's a good link. Yes, I remember doing that way it the past. It's very easy--no culturing or anything. All you need is cream and a food processor.


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Your welcome Pamela,  my kind of butter making...easy and nothing to buy except old food processor is still hangin in there!


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I've done this myself with my KA mixer and wisk attachment. I don't remember how long it took, but the butter was hard. Rock hard. I think I whipped it too long and literally beat the crap out of it. Regardless, it was good.

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I make my own butter just using a hand mixer and cream. You can make the butter and then flavor it with herbs/salt or anything else.

I have also made butter from home made cream, collect the cream for a few days, wash it and then just churn the cream manually with a wooden spoon that has a round and fluted end. Takes a longer time though, but fun.

I would like to get back to that, does anybody know a place to get non-homogenized milk in New Hampshire? 

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I used to make butter with my students when we learned about history.  There are songs that women would chant as they churned and we would all sing along.  We didn't have a churn, so I used a large jar.  It also works with something as simple as plastic zip-seal bags. (double bagged for safety)  We just shook until we had butter.  It takes about 30 minutes.

I make butter with my own kids once or twice a year now, and they love it.