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Pizza, miche and cabernet grape dinner rolls

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Pizza, miche and cabernet grape dinner rolls

I thought I'd post a few picks of the last couple of weeks baked goods.


This was delicious... I really wish I had a wood fire oven to cook these in, but I really dont think I'll get planning permission to build one in center city Philadelphia.


I also made some Cabernet grape flour dinner roles for easter dinner at my girlfriends parents house. They seemed to go down pretty well. My girlfriend actually gave me the Cabernet grape flour as a birthday gift, it made such a beautiful purple dough.IMG_1666.JPG


The recipe I used also included a little rye flour and sourdough starter. The tanins of the wine really came through in the bread, it was a really interesting flavor. They were particularly good paired with brie and salami (though I don't know what wouldn't taste good with brie and salami).



Finally, I made the pain poilane from BBA. Its a little big, but the flavor is amazing and I love the fact that its whole wheat... it makes me feel better about eating vast quantities of it!




happy baking


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Cabernet flour?  Can you give a recipe?

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as far as I'm aware there are not many companies that manufacture cabernet grape flour, the one I have came from a company called Vinaferaforlife.

As far as the recipe goes I used a recipe from 'crust' by richard bertinet. i would post it but I'm uncertain of the rules of copyright etc. Perhaps someone could advise on this, in terms of what is appropriate to post or not.


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Mini Oven

Found a video link to the grape flour:

And here is their homepage:




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That is the link from which my flour was purchased. Its a little pricey, but you really don't need to use a lot as the flavor is very strong. Richard Bertinet actually posted on his site that he feels that their most recent batch of the flour is so strong that you should half the quantity you would normally use.

I think my girlfriend plans to use it to make fresh pasta for raveoli as well, so it has lots of potential uses. Ultimately, its just a great party piece, how many times have you had purple bread?



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I'm mostly interested in your pizza dough recipe.  The pizza looks very "authentic".  Thanks for the photos.  Purple bread?????  You don't have to drink the wine....just eat the bread!

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As someone who has made the Bertinet recipe twice, let me tell you - on the first try the rolls came out like purple rocks.  The second time I started with 100 extra grams of water and then added more in 20g increments (2 or 3 times) until the dough took on a manageable texture.  After baking they came out quite tasty, but like Ben says, they were good with meats and cheese - strong flavored savory combinations.  However, though they were not terrible with honey, don't get them anywhere near jam or preserves!


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buns of steel

Ben, thanks for posting. My husband gave me some of that cab flour as a gift too, it's still in the freezer, haven't used it yet.

As for your planning permission for wood oven, if it is moveable versus built in place, you might not have to get permission, there are some on a trailer. In my old urban house, we were also allowed bonfires in our backyards, provided there was some cooking going on at some time. If there is a will, there might be a way!