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rye bread

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rye bread

hi from klmeat (49 yrs in the meat business hence the  name ) I have been baking about a year ,some hits & some misses . my rye bread always turns out small ,taste great .I'm using the secrets of a jewish baker as guide . any ideas . thank you

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Welcome to TFL.

I think being able to see the recipe you are using would be very helpful to the rye bakers here.  

Little details such as flours you are using and whether the recipe includes a rye sourdough would be nice to know.

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Hi, klmeat.

If you follow Greenstein's recipe and don't be tempted to add too much flour, you should get a delicious, light, Jewish Sour Rye.

I "translated" Greenstein's formula for Jewish Sour Rye into one with weighed ingredients, which may help you. I also provided detailed instructions.



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As well as being Eric's Fav Rye, it's now mine also :)

Mine is no way near as pretty but I'm trying....