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thanks for the leftover-starter English muffin idea!

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thanks for the leftover-starter English muffin idea!

Hi --

I'm singing the praises of all of you on The Fresh Loaf on Flour Girl today.

I posted here yesterday, looking for ways to used my leftover starter. Someone mentioned Wild Yeast's English Muffins. I made them this morning and am amazed to say that they worked.

And they're quite tasty.

Thanks again ... I'll definitely try adding the leftovers to regular yeasted bread for added flavor and I plan on making the banana bread that someone else suggested.

Thanks to you all for being so helpful!

Happy baking!

Flour Girl

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Hi!  I have been lurking here for a couple of months and have finally decided to add my two cents.  Another good use for leftover starter is to make Pita bread.  I use the recipe for pizza dough (hmm…another good use for starter) from Mike Avery or Breadtopia (they are very similar).  After making the dough, you can follow the directions for making the pitas from any of the recipes found on The Fresh Loaf.  They are easy and very tasty.