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Using a FibraMent stone correctly

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Using a FibraMent stone correctly

Two simple questions regarding my new FibraMent baking stone:


Does one place a La Cloche or other bread pan on top of this baking stone? 

Will steam crack a FibraMent stone?


Many thanks!



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Yes, you would place your dough on top of the stone and cover it with your cloche.  

Your panned bread would also go on top of the stone.

Steam will not crack a stone that's in your oven and has been preheated with your oven.

Thoroughly read the directions that came with your stone before you use it the first time.

Happy baking!

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That I use only the lid of the cloche and not the base?  That would make sense, no?



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If you have both a Fibrament stone and a La Cloche you have options.

  1. You can pre heat the stone, load the dough and then place the clay bell cover over the dough. No steam is needed. You can also use a bowl made of stainless steel or Pyrex (a 4 Liter works) to cover the dough. Susan suggests 15 minutes covered and another 15 or so to brown the crust.
  2. You can pre heat the La Cloche with out using the stone. The No Knead bread uses this method. The bottom and top are heated at the same time and the dough is loaded usually on parchment paper. After the first 15 minutes the cover is removed as above. Leaving the stone in when you are planning to use a clay cooker is redundant and will slow down the heating process
  3. You can bake directly on the stone without any cover. This is usually done in concert with heating a small pan on the level just below the stone and pouring a 1/2 cup of hot water to steam the oven in the first minutes of baking.

One thing worth noting is that when you use the bell cover, you need some clearance above the bell to get a padded glove in to remove the bell. For most of us with smaller ovens this means lowering the level of the stone to the bottom. This may be good for pizza but bread tends to get a little dark on the bottom when the stone is on the lowest level. If you can slide your racks easily when they are hot, you might be able to slide the rack out partially and remove the bell cover and still use the next higher level. Please try this when the oven is cold to see how it works first so you don't get surprised when everything is hot and dangerous. Hope this helps.



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Thank you both for your very helpful responses