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Unbelievable SD!

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Unbelievable SD!

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable!

I came into this having no idea what I'm doing and my sourdough now comes out perfect everytime.

My starter was free from friends of Carl. I lovingly "feed my baby" [my husband thinks I'm nuts, I'm sure] every 12 hours.

It has the most delicious sour taste and grows fantastically. I can bake every day or every few days with no problems.

I owe a lot of thanks to the support of all you here at TFL. Especially on my first loaf, when I was literally freaking out!

I can't wait to get our camera back from the repair shop to share the pictures of my beautiful loaves, batards, rolls, and boules!




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When it comes to are worth a thousand words....can't wait!

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I completely understand how you feel.  I too, have just discovered the wonders of sourdough not too long ago.  Now I am trying to make everything sourdough.  My husband really thinks I am crazy.  We should start a sourdough housewives club!  LOL  Can't wait to see your picturesl.

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Congratulations!  I'm amazed that you feed it so often though.  You folks must eat a lot of bread!


...And what about a Sourdough Husband's club?  A club for those whose wives think they are crazy!  (But do like your bread?)