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Price of flour.

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Price of flour.

I noticed the price of organic white bread flour went from $25 to $35 per 25lb bag on the west coast of Fl. Is this happening all over?

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In some of the markets in Santa Rosa, 5 pounds goes for nearly $10. I never buy organic because KA non-organic bread is already expensive enough. I recently tried a bag of Gold Medal just for a test to see if a cheaper flour would suit me, but I didn't like it--thought what I made with it wasn't as good.


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Can't put a price on doing a right thing.

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Unbleached/Unbromated white flour is $1.29/pound in bulk here in San Antonio at SunHarvest (AKA Wild Oats, aka Henry's - currently owned by Whole Foods, so prices should be somewhat comprable).

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3 weeks ago I paid about $15 for a 50 lb bag of Harvest King at my local baking supply store.