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Sourdough Miche

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Sourdough Miche


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That looks fantastic. Willing to share the formula?

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Wow.  Great photos.  And great looking bread.  On the monitor I'm looking at, it is almost life-sized.

blackbird's picture

Excellent photos, hope to learn more.

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I can't say much about the bread. It is a beta test from Peter Reinhart, and he has asked us not to discuss them, so I shouldn't say more. I will, however, say that being a recipe tester has been a fantastic experience and would reccomend keeping an eye on his blog in case he opens up to more testers in the future.


As for the pic, It was taken with a nikon d70 and a 50 1.8 lens. I just realized my prep table has a windows on two sides, which really helps with the lighting. During the day, If I crank the ISO a tad (400-500) I don't need a flash.