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Storing Cheesy Breads

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Storing Cheesy Breads

This summer I, like many of you first did, bought myself a copy of BBA and got baking. I've had some great results with the book and I've been making a lot of sourdough and pain sur poolish loaves with blue cheese and walnuts, peppadews and cheddar, etc. I usually store the uncut loaves in a big paper bag at room temp and I was wondering if that's safe since they have cheese in them. I haven't given myself or my guests food poisoning yet, but if this is dangerous a heads up would be, uh, nice. Also, how do you all store sliced loaves?

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I don't know the precise answer but I do know that cheese exists historically because it preserves milk. It is "pre spoiled" in a good way.


I can't imagine that there are food poisoning issues here.

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What is a peppadew?

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beenjamming It's like a sweet and spicy little peppery fruit thingy. They have them at my grocery store's olive bar. they're quite tasty.

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I've bought peppadew peppers in Asda, Sainsbury's and Waitrose (I think). Also you can get them mailorder form lakeland Ltd (plug into google for website) but this is pricey.


They come in jar as preserved sweetish red peppers in oil(?) and sweeteners, herbs maybe. I think...


I found them too "preserved"/greasy for my taste but know lots of people who really love them :)

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I usually cut my freshly baked loves into slices and then pack them into plastic bags (2 slices per bag) and put the plastic bags into ziplock bags before storing in my freezer. They are as good as fresh when reheated at 150 degree celsius for 10 minutes or toasted with bread toaster ( no need to thaw for both methods) .

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I store my cut loaf in a freeze-stable plastic container, and just thaw them for an hour or so before toasting/eating them.