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Rye bread with altus ???????????

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Rye bread with altus ???????????

As some of you may know I don't keep strictly to the recipe, I do tend to adjust as I fancy. This is a recipe that I have just made and put a loaf of in the oven, if it looks and tastes OK I will post picture. :-))) I used
1 cup ale sourdough
1 cup water plus
1 tab sugar
1 tabs butter
1 teas salt
3 cups white flour
1 cup rye flour
1 cup organic rye altus.
The water I adjusted as I felt the need to give me a good feeling dough.

I made this up as I do my regular bread, mix, knead, proof, shape, rise and baked at 410.

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This was it. qahtan

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it looks wonderful, and certainly sounds like it's tasty.