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HELP!!! These little creatures are envading my kitchen !!!!

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chahira daoud

HELP!!! These little creatures are envading my kitchen !!!!

Hello dear friends , I really missed you all, but I did not want to show you my face untill I fulfill my promise to Minioven and other fellows, i promised that I will share my recipes for "Falafel & Egyptian beans dish" but till now I did not make it, I was so busy and I do not have any space in my freezer but I am thinking seriously to buy a deep freezer because my freezer is complaining. And I am used to prepare large batch and freeze it to be ready anytime, sorry guys and I will hurry up and make it as soon as possible.

Concerning the title of my blog entry, mmmmmm!!

That was my daughter birthday, I chose a savory dish beside the cake I made for her and her classmates, I baked these little hedgehogs, from 7 cups of flour, I got 69 cute hedgehogs.

I really liked it, I used it as sandwiches or canapes.

and as soon as they are out of my oven , they invaded my kitchen, there was a hedgehogs every where!!!!


There was even a battle.

But there was also a love story !!!

What do you think he is telling her????

My kids and the girls even all the adults like them from the first look.

Are'nt they cuuuute???

Thank you all and missed you all, and i'll be ready sooooon with my Falafel or "Taameea" & egyptian beans blog post.

Ah !! forgot to tell you about the birthday cake ,,, it was a hit!!

To watch it, please visit me on my blog

Bye Bye !! Love you all !!


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Hi, Chahira.

The hedgehogs are very cute, but not as cute as Malika!

Does she know what a gifted mother she has?


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chahira daoud

Thanks David, I really love to see your comments in my page.

Thanks for your kind words.

Have a nice day !


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Ha ha.... those are very cute.  Happy birthday to your little girl!

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chahira daoud

Thanks Floyd, that is so nice of you.


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I've missed you and your wonderful blogs. Thank you for sharing Malika's birthday!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Dear Malika, Happy Birthday to YOU!!!



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chahira daoud

Oh Oh Oh

You have such a lovely voice


Thanks Betty, Malika was soooo happy when I told her that you were singing for her the birthday song !!!

Thank you dear Betty for your kindness and your very nice words, You really make me happy when I see your name and comment on my page.

Wish you all the best !!

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Mini Oven

You've made my day!  What a great idea!  We have the real ones coming out now after winter hybernation and they are hungry too.  These would be great for Easter baskets!

Our leaves are popping out in Linz today!  Happy Birthday Malika!


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chahira daoud

Thanks Mini,

you know i just saw hedgehogs once in my life, I think that it will be nice idea to bake it in easter with some turtles and snails !!

Thank you dear Mini for your nice words !!

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nice looking creatures.  care to show us or give us a step-by-step on how to make them?

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chahira daoud

thank you,

I 've put the recipe and concerning shaping, I am really sorry I do not have pics for shaping but I'll try to explain it and if you have any question, I am ready.

After the fermentation period, I shaped the dough into balls, and i tried to roll one side from the ball using my palm to form the hedgehog face, then i left it for the last fermentation period, I glazed it with an egg wash, then started to use scissors by dipping it in water then cut the hedgehog back several times and everywhere on his back, I used black sesame seeds for the eyes.

I wish I could explain it much better, but I hope that you got the idea and I am ready for any other questions.

Jw's picture

they look much nicer then mine. see

I recall using scissors making them. what do they taste like? very sweat?

Happy b-day! (breadday?)



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chahira daoud

Noooo, yours are sooo nice too.

They were very tasty and light and they were not sweet , I just added the same amount of sugar that I am used to add when I make my sandwich bread .

Thanks JW for your lovely words !!

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Happy Birthday Malika! Emily especially enjoyed the school party shots! I see by your blog you do burger buns. It is very popular to make the miniature ones now, and for Emily's last class party I made those and they were a big hit. I posted a picture, but the photo was awful!

  Sometimes it is hard to think of savory things that kids will enjoy to take to a children's party. You did so well with yours, as you always do! You are so out of my league! Your bread creations are so beautiful, it is an inspiration to us all.

chahira daoud's picture
chahira daoud

Audra !!

I am missing you, Thanks dear !!

What a lovely idea, I think that I have to give it a try in the next party  !! Emily is so lucky!

We were used to make mini pizza but I think that changing makes kids happier .

Thanks Audra, I love to see your lovely smiling face on my page !


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Your baking is beautiful! I enjoy looking at your blog and your happy photos. I'm always smiling when I type a post to you!


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chahira daoud

Hello Pamela !

Thanks dear, you are so talented too, I am really happy that you really like my posts, and I love your visits and comments.

Wish you all the best !