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hedgehog bread

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hedgehog bread

In absence of my camera (the display is broken), I uploaded a few old pictures. When our kids were younger, we once took them to the Bakkery Museum. They were really exited about the figures the bakers demonstrated. If it is not the content of a bread, it will be the form that decides whether they like it are not!

We made some of these breads during several birthday partys, even the 'never eat bread' kids would eat that own bread this time.

I am progressing with the sourdough, more on the art part then on the science part. Baking full week around is also working out so far. Pictures will follow! Groeten, Jw.

A baker at the museum. I remember they put on a real good show, they made everything look so simple.

Some of the figures:

And a picture from a birthday party. The kids added a bit of sugar powder on top... the pictures are from 2002.



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I love looking at these interesting shapes!  Hedgehog and Bunny are my favorite!


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Sylvia, this hedgehogs are easy to make.

Make a small ball of dough, use scissors to cut out the 'prickels'? Form the snout and use raisins for the eyes. I might try again weekend after next, since we will have a few kids staying overnight.

Just sitting in front in the oven, waiting for the bread to finish... (almost 11 in the evening now).

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Debra Wink

Very cute :-)