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anyone make pain l'ancienne with sourdough starter?

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anyone make pain l'ancienne with sourdough starter?


I love this recipe from BBA. But I am wondering if the technique would work with sourdough instead of baker's yeast.


And would it be worthwhile?


I suppose I shall have to try it. Have you tried it? 

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I tried it a couple of times with whole wheat flour, and the results weren't great. The whole wheat flavor was far too strong, and there was very little sweetness or sourdough taste.

Not sure how it'd work with white flour, though.

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 I thought it came out pretty good, about like you'd imagine. It was very slack though. I think that I still like the regular pain l'ancienne better, I felt like the sourdough version didn't have as much of that nice nutty taste. My notes say that I used:  19 oz  bread flour, 18 oz barm (about 100% hydration), 10 oz of water.    I don't know if I used a little instant yeast or not, I'm pretty bad about writing it all down, so I probably changed a few things after I wrote that, but you get the idea.