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A belated hello, a blog link with a few recipes, and fictional fanciful tales about bread!

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Erzsebet Gilbert

A belated hello, a blog link with a few recipes, and fictional fanciful tales about bread!

Hi, everybody!

Maybe this is a bit silly, since I've already exchanged messages with a few of your wonderful selves and posted my own question about how best to bake bread on a Coleman camp stove - and I received so many fantastic ideas and suggestions - but I hadn't really given an Official Introduction; essentially, I'm a writer and stumbling but devoted baker living in Hungary, and I've been so enthralled by the whole Fresh Loaf community.  

My husband suggested I post a link to my blog here on the website.  Since I'm a writer, I end up posting largely a bunch of diminutive short stories, but some of these stories are actually inspired by bread, of all things (!), and I've posted recipes, including my rendition and a fiction for Moroccan khoubz flatbread, the Fresh Loaf pita recipe and the camp stove method I used for it (but with full credit and a link to this website, don't worry!), and most recently a fiction and my recipe for basic pizza dough with my own ridiculous pizza design and toppings.  

Here's a link:

It's not really epical, I think, but it's got baking and some writerly absurdities, so if it lends anybody a few ideas or a bit of entertainment, I'll be glad enough... but in the meantime, I just have to give everybody at the Fresh Loaf a most enormous thank-you for all your generosity, help, ideas, and general virtuoso kitchen skills!  Until later, blessings,


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Hi, Erzebet.

Welcome to TFL!


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Hi Erzabet,

Welcome to TFL.  As you've already experienced, a terrific site and resource.  I've just started reading your great blog.  It's very Interesting and entertaining, thanks.



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Welcome, Erzsebet, to TFL!

Nice blog you got there. (BTW, I could stare at that pulsar picture for hours! And I miss W.G. Sebald.)

Why not show us your pizza in its various stages?


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Erzsebet Gilbert

Thanks for checking my blog!  It's always nice to know there's a reader or two out there, particularly another Sebald fan!  As for the pulsar picture, I am in the midst of writing my first novel, which is about astronomy, so interstellar phenomena occupy much of my mind...

When it isn't distracted by bread... Unfortunately, I haven't taken any step-by-step images of my baking processes!  I ought to, but I'll have to train in some photography first!  

Thanks for everything, everybody....